The Yoga Shala

Yoga true to its roots.

Śālā शाला

= a house, an abode, open on all sides.

A home for authentic Yoga - to spread the universal truth of yoga, 'which remains forever the same in essence.'

We practice Yoga for the Highest Good of all Life and to honour all peoples, cultures & traditions that nurture it.

ākāśa आकाश

Our intimate yoga spaces are ideal for personalized instruction & deeper learning.

Choose what works for you.

Flexible options, pre-bookings & a schedule app.

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Each of our teachers has something unique to offer.

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From 1-on-1 mentoring to live classes and on-demand workshops, everything you need to deepen your practice is at your fingertips.

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1-on-1 Yoga

Individualized learning and attention gives you a solid foundation to take off from.

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We teach from multiple locations in North Vancouver, BC.

Please see our schedule for class times & locations. Pre-bookings required.