BE Whole

Ancient + Modern Science
for OPTIMAL Health

BE Integral.
BE Radiant.
BE Bliss.

Be lit from within

Inner peace brings outer Beauty

Beauty is not a veneer upon things... It belongs to the nature of the thing made.

Everything you need to BE your most radiant & vibrant self.  

Where did it all begin?

Integrative Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner


Belinda's deep, Integral knowledge of body-mind physiology comes from more than 20 years of study, practice & experience of Yoga, Ayurveda & Western Science. Her specializations in ecophysiology and the Stress Response, with its wide-ranging effects on the body & mind, have provided her with unique insight into the factors that ultimately determine our ability to find Balance, optimal health & Bliss.


Integrating the wisdom of Ayurveda, Yoga & Western Science for over 20 years.


BE Bliss Yoga & Wellness

All the tools and services needed for true healing, including nutrition & lifestyle consultations, yoga, massage and panchakarma treatments.


The most holistic skin and body care preparations on the Planet.



An integrative Alchemy of Ayurveda, science & aromatherapy using only the finest organic, fair trade & vegan ingredients. 


Our clothes and lifestyle tools aren't just inspired by Yoga, they ARE Yoga.
From materials to labour and zero waste, BE Bliss BESPOKE is 100% sustainable. 

Yoga. Handmade. Sustainable.


Everything at BBBESPOKE is made to celebrate your uniqueness.  From custom fit to colour & fabric ~ the options are limitless.  This eliminates waste and ensures a long life for your garment.
Ecofashion at its best.