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Balance = Immunity

BE Resilient.

Pre-existing conditions should not exist.

Sacred Space

and just Breathe.
personal practice goes deeper

Yoga at Home

The Yoga Shala

Yoga true to its roots.

Everything you need...

to BE your most radiant & vibrant self.  

Ayurveda, Yoga & Science 

Integrating wisdom for over 20 years.


BE Bliss Yoga & Wellness

All the tools and services needed for true healing, including nutrition & lifestyle consultations, yoga, massage and panchakarma treatments.


Where did it begin?

Integrative Ayurveda & Yoga Practitioner


Belinda's deep, Integral knowledge of body-mind physiology comes from more than 20 years of study, practice & experience of Yoga, Ayurveda & Western Science. Her specializations in ecophysiology and the Stress Response, with its wide-ranging effects on the body & mind, have provided her with unique insight into the factors that ultimately determine our ability to find Balance, optimal health & Bliss.


Beauty comes from within.

The most holistic skin and body care preparations on the Planet.



An integrative Alchemy of Ayurveda, science & aromatherapy using only the finest organic, fair trade & vegan ingredients. 


Yoga is union... with all Life.

From materials to labour and zero waste, BBBESPOKE is 100% sustainable. 

Yoga. Handmade. Sustainable.


Everything at BBBESPOKE is made to celebrate your uniqueness.  From custom fit to colour & fabric ~ the options are limitless.  This eliminates waste and ensures a long life for your garment.
Ecofashion at its best.