Optimal Fitness Coaching

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Want to move confidently forward knowing every day you are making progress and avoid self-doubt, frustration, setbacks and injuries? 

Want to feel calmly energized and enthusiastic about what life holds for you? 

Want to feel BOUNDLESS

This is Bliss, the foundation of Belinda's approach to fitness coaching.

Reach your optimal fitness level with the deep body-wisdom of Ayurveda and the most current science on nutrition, physiology and performance.  Whatever your fitness goals are, Ayurveda holds the ultimate secrets to the most effective and efficient approach to fitness and weight loss, and shows you how to optimize any fitness/body-sculpting/athletic training program.  Feel awesome, progress more quickly, and get in the Flow...

This package includes:

  • Integrative Consultation & Intake Assessment
  • detailed, personalized fitness guidelines & foods list 
  • 3 follow-up visits, in-person or online
  • weekly on-going support via Cronometer & FitBit
Optimal Fitness Coaching