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Belinda is an incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate Ayervedic practitioner. I have attended her workshops and was blown away by the depth of her knowledge and the practial application of the techniques to everyday living. Since the workshop I have had the benefit of recieiving an ayervedic massage (HighLy recommend) and health assessemnt both with i found beneficial to my overall wellbeing. Belindas soaps and natural skincare products are also next level (Very healing).

Amy N.

It was well worth the money to have an initial consultation. Belinda gave me so much information re: diet & lifestyle to stay healthy. She also told me I was Pita/Vata. Since I have been drinking the wonderful chai teas, using special creams she mixes for me & following the changes in my lifestyle & diet I have been sleeping better,. no more cramps in my calves at night & my digestion is better ,with no antacids. (I have gerd) I like the way Belinda empowers me & teaches me how to lead a healthier life. Also the herbs & oils etc. are pretty inexpensive. I have had about 10 massages that are so blissful & calming. I would recommend a visit!

Leslee T.

BE Bliss Yoga & Wellness

Vancouver, BC


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