NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat

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  • provides superior traction to help you stay in place
  • made from non-Amazon, natural tree rubber for the earth-conscious yogi
  • biodegradable, recyclable & non-toxic to help protect the Earth
  • durable & long-lasting for countless hours of use
  • dimensions: 24" wide x 68" long x 4 mm thick
  • weight: 2.1 kg

Superior Traction & Cushioning for an Excellent Practice

This natural rubber yoga mat provides one of the highest-traction surfaces available to any yoga practitioner. The superior degree of slip resistance is provided by the open-cell structure of the tree rubber. In addition, the natural rubber affords a level of cushioning and resilience that is rarely seen in a synthetic material.

This combination of cushioning, resilience and traction constitutes the foundation of a perfect practice. So when you practice on a Dusky Leaf rubber yoga mat, you can focus less on what your mat is doing and more on the articulation of your practice.

Care Instructions: For regular maintenance, wipe this yoga mat with a damp cloth and hang to dry. Do not place in a washing machine or dryer. Do not expose to direct sunlight for any extended period of time.

Note About Smell: Natural rubber has a distinct smell, which will gradually dissipate with time. To facilitate this process, you may wish to hang your mat in a dry, shady, and airy place between uses.  This usually takes less than 5 days, if hung properly.  Wherever you choose to hang your mat, please be sure not to expose it to direct sunlight.

Warning About Latex: This product contains naturally-occuring latex from rubber trees. It is not suitable for individuals with a history of latex and/or rubber allergies.

NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat
NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat
NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat
NATURAL Rubber Yoga Mat