I'm the studio owner of The Yoga Root and I am grateful for the opportunity to bring yoga to you.
I first discovered yoga as a child but I'd say I really found yoga in my 20's when my personal healing journey began. Today, I still live with auto-immune disease and also bipolar disorder. The autoimmunity leads to pervasive fatigue, stiffness and pain, thinning hair, and challenges maintaining my weight and body image. The bipolar disorder brings its own list of challenges. Through the experience of these physical and mental health conditions, I have come to listen to my body and to connect to my authentic self. In times when I have felt overwhelmed and despondent, I have found strength and peace by connecting with nature and grounding myself through yoga and meditation. Today, I truly appreciate the importance of self-care in maintaining my health and cultivating happiness in my life.
As a teacher I am honoured to guide you in developing a practice that supports your health and wellbeing. My focus is on teaching slower, mindful yoga, including Hatha, Hatha Flow, BackMitra, Gentle Hatha, Yin, and Restorative Yoga.

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