You have to consider the whole being before you can transform body and mind.

If your body's environment is out of Balance, your tissues are starving, no matter how 'good' the food or supplements are.

No amount of detoxing, dieting or exercise will change that. 

The medicinal (herb-infused) oils used in Abhyanga massage and panchakarma treatments not only provide nourishment to the deepest tissues, but also act as optimal vehicles for transporting the healing properties of herbs to, and toxins away from, them.  Ayurveda has understood for more than 5000 years that in order to effectively remove toxins and imbalances from the body (and mind), panchakarma treatments such as oleation (Abhyanga oil massage), Svedana (sweating therapy) and marma point stimulation must be used alongside diet and lifestyle changes (including Yoga). 

These packages integrate the most essential tools from Ayurveda and Western science in the most effective and holistic way for achieving maximum results for the amount of energy and time you invest. 

You choose how deep you want to go...

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